We are a software development company creating world-class chatbots for the biggest brands and enterprises.

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Working with us you will get

  • Full-service chat and voice solutions.

    We provide full cycle process from business analysis and flow design to copy creation, complex backend integrations and enterprise-grade launches.

  • An intelligent bot.

    Our dedicated team working with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) will ensure your bot will answer your customer’s most common requests.

  • The best bot platform.

    We will choose a perfect bot platform for you which will cover all your needs to the maximum.

    • Google Assistant Google Assistant
    • Skype
    • Slack
    • FB Messenger
    • Alexa
    • Telegram
    • Line
    • KIK
  • We make complex backend integrations simple

    From APIs to handover protocols, to connecting your bot to live agents, our team can leverage powerful programs to connect directly to your bot.

Our Chat Development Approach

We build smart, intuitive, complex, and engaging bots. We stay on top of the latest technologies and practices, rapidly incorporating our learnings into the bots we build.

Business Analysis

Our strategy team will work with you to outline what problems and use cases you want your bot to solve. We take the time to understand your business goals, and how AI can achieve them.

Conversational Design

We go beyond simple replies and deliver high-quality solutions. Our conversational designers will create an engaging flow, develop your bot’s personality, to have meaningful conversations with your customers.

Engineering and Integrations

Our full stack developers build on the best bot platforms, and can action complex integrations. We use deep learning natural language understanding (NLU) and sentiment analysis to ensure your bot is trained to resolve your customers’ queries.

Complex backend integrations

Whether you need API connections, or handovers to a live agent, our team can integrate into the most popular CRM platforms to make your bot even more powerful.

Iterate and Optimize

Our Quality Engineers and Natural Language Understanding specialists will thoroughly test and enhance your bot’s understanding quality and performance.

Conversation Consulting

Once your chatbot is launched, your dedicated support team will develop conversational strategies and define metrics and analytics to track success.

We leverage leading platforms and NLP tools to build intelligent bots

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